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What does The ElderCare Network do?

We offer a stay-at-home alternative for you and your loved ones who are seniors, disabled, have an illness and/or are recovering from a surgery or hospital stay. We'll provide the tender, loving care needed to keep everyone them at home.


Where does The ElderCare Network provide services?

We serve the Greater Houston area, including Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties.


Who leads The ElderCare Network?

Dr. Joan De Rooy leads The ElderCare Network. For over two decades, she served as vice president of a Houston area university. Her successful projects included facilities and programs that serve the health and well-being of the community. Read more.


Why choose The ElderCare Network?

Our loving, skilled caregivers are available to ensure that you and your loved ones have optimal and affordable assistance in their home.


Home or institution...which do YOU prefer?


If they can be made safe and comfortable, who wouldn't want to live at home?
The ElderCare Network helps you make that possible. It's great to be home!


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